This is a turning point for myself, and for many who will now see and experience a sharp paradigm shift. Upon examining Malin's grid map of Mars on 5/25/2000 (Malin Space Science Systems) [], I was taken a step back when I realized that the most crucial aspects of this map are at each end of it. I then created a partial grid map of my own with the ends pasted together. I now present for your scrutiny, a windowed look at Mars, through accurate, current imaging. Once again you are the judge and jury. NOTE: When I lasted looked this mosaic color grid map is no longer available on Malin's web site (6/8/2003).......Hmmmmmmmmm! Kind of reminds one of the censorship on the Terraserver.

Malin's Grid Map

Notice both ends of his layout. Why one would have to ask, would Malin decide to cut the map where he did? Do you start to see grand faces on the surface of Mars?

Partial Version - Ends Pasted Together

I have windowed the images I am seeing below. Most peoples paradigms have no way to interpret what you are about too see, the concept and organization of this revelation, are immense to say the least. At this point, can you still trust your eyes? Dare one look too closely here, and forever be lost of innocence?

The Faces Of Mars!

Now, for the most extraordinary proof presented so far in my research, I am about to reveal the Giza/Mars connection in no small order.

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