Now that we have looked at the latitudinal view in one direction what happens when we turn the map 180 degrees? I'm sure by now you are starting to catch on to the procedure. Do you think we'll find more images?

Must Be Big Player!

I see a large headed small bodied man with large eyebrows and mustache, facing slightly to his right. Is this Thoth? Did he supervise the construction of pyramids on Mars? The ancient texts said that he supervised the construction of the pyramids at Giza. So where is his image at Giza?

Thoth At Giza!

Here he is at Giza. He supervised while Ptah did the actual building if I am correct. So where at Giza is this image of Thoth found?

Thoth Supervising Ptah!

Take your time and go back over these images. I am not inventing what one sees, just allowing one to see things without the veil.

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