Going back to Malin's original grid map of Mars, we can see a most amazing image. In the upper right row we see an eye, a nose, and a mustache of the right side of a face.

Very Human Looking

I will now rotate this image left by 90 degrees and lower the gamma value and then stretch the image laterally to fix the problem of curvature and fore-shortening on Malin's image.

What Do You See?

The image now starts to take on some noticeable traits. We see a very human looking right side of a male face. Notice what appear to be glasses, with even a bridge piece for the glasses visible. Mighty strange, but one must realize if mankind was already there, they would have had glasses as well as interplanetary travel.

Who Could This Be?

Still more mystery and another mustached individual to add to the collection of images. As an added mystery, the grid map of Mars from is no longer to be found on this site............I wonder why? If one goes to his site instead of a high resolution grid map one finds this murky B&W representation in it's place. Malin Space Science Systems Two more probes are on the way!

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