Now for the story behind the photo. This photo is billed as an illusion, because one needs to be in a plane, helicopter or some form of aerial device to witness this incredible image. Does this make it an illusion because one needs to be in an orbiting craft, or an interplanetary vehicle to witness some of the other images as seen in this website? Or do you start to sense a pattern here of some predetermined plan to safeguard certain information until a certain capability, or level of sophistication was achieved? A friend E-mailed this to me. Thanks, Tom!
I have asked for permission and have yet to get a response, so I'm going ahead with this as no response was received after two attempts, and after waiting over a month. Here's the same thing on another site. Thanks Rich!

This calls for the ultimate depth of field preview.

Let's look at Machu Picchu from an aerial or satellite perspective. Is there a right side to this face as well?

What Do You See?

Heck, I don't see anything at all! Yes, that is correct sir, there is not a right side to this face. This face is composed of a distant peak and a saddle ridge, which when overlayed form this incredible face.

Illusion or Reality?

There is actually the Urabamba river between the high saddle and the peak that is the nose. Ever get the feeling you're just starting to wake up to a whole new view and interpretation of things?

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