This is Tracy and Jack. This "boulder" was the most photographed item of the entire Apollo 17 mission. Now we know why, don't we?

Still With Me?

Have you ever seen so many complex angles in a boulder? Count them. There is a rectangular apendage, there is a fan shaped half circle with raised center section, and a flat area to the right side where the greatest mass is centered. Undoubtbly unmatched in all of geology.

What I See

I see a lady with a Madona type of smile with her arms around a male who's back is toward you, with left arm out, and head turned over his left shoulder. I see a look of surprise and concern on his face. Thirdly, I see a wolf or dog draped over the left shoulder of the lady, and who's face is part of the face, of the male's face. Finally, I see two points of an ornate cross on the lady's left shoulder.

A Lot To Look At!

Why did they send a geologist/anthropologist to the moon? Isn't anthropology the study of "THE ORIGINS OF MAN"!

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