The ground-breaking discovery on my lunar faces web site, now allows a statement. I propose that the faces of Giza and those of the Moon were created by the same race of beings. Case in point, the elongated head of the Ram/Lion image at Giza shows up at Little Shorty on the moon in the elongated skull-like head found there. The next item and the most persuasive, is the "Tracy boulder" photographed extensively on the Apollo 17 mission which shows alady with a cross, a wolf/dog, and a man. These are found to be entwined as the Giza images with faces within faces. The fact that an Egyptian archeologist picked this landing site is another strong argument. The letters and symbols on the rock slab on my lunar site show themselves to be from the sacred corescript found here on earth as mentioned and shown in DeAnna Emerson's book, "Mars/Earth Enigma". We have an "A" and "H" next to the Lady, Baby, and Cross at Giza and now we find an "A" and "H" on a slab, on the Moon! There is also much more information that at this point, I still haven't had the time and space to put on the websites, which continue to support this theory. Without much doubt the Lady and Cross both showing up in similar circumstances, will not be considered in any way or manner to be coincidental. The Lady and the Cross were around long before Christianity and Jesus. I believe the Cross to be a symbol of a celestial occurrence rather than the religious icon it has become today. Whatever its origin, it is the key to understanding mankind's origin. Please keep the questions and comments comming!
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