After countless hours of study more images have emerged on the lunar slab.

Image With Reptilian Eye

Now this is a Moon rock! Jack Schmitt sure had a "field day", don't you think?

Serpentine Dragon!

More snakes! The serpent theme on the Moon. Most interesting, considering the serpent theme on Earth.

A Match From Giza!

Although these images are not an exact match, these fellows are "kissin' cousins"! Look at the head shape. eye location, nose, and of course who is the Giza face found with but a serpentine female back on earth, while on the moon we see a similar relationship unfolding. Now, if one takes the time to darken this image, one can start to see the intricate overlayed images on top of the main images. Notice the interwoven imagery, this is not pixilation, of smaller faces, images and symbols.

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