Southern Rays

Rays from the south? But the sunrise is in the east, at the top of the picture! The Rays are no longer shining. I wonder why?

Shine On!

Does this help? Are the Rays eminating from something or someone?

Being With Rays Radiating From Headpiece

More players show up. Non-human with Rays coming from head or headpiece. Cat-like image to the right, which is just under large eyed being with arms and hands outstretched. Do the Rays shining on the Great Pyramid have a significant meaning? Why do a majority of these beings have open mouths?

Altitude, Orientation, and Time!

Key components to understanding the Giza complex. Another suggested reading is, "The Giza Power Plant / Technologies of Ancient Egypt", by Christopher Dunn, 1998, Bear &Company, Inc., ISBN 1-879181-50-9.

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