I am presenting a new high resolution view of the stone heads at Little Shorty crater.

Better View - Different Angle

There are none of the film registration marks in the way in this NASA photo. The lips are now clearly visible on the closer of the two heads. Also visible with better color are noticeable patches which seem to be related to one-another as far as positioning of the missing pieces of the face. So now I have taken the liberty of modern day graphics and have moved the fallen eye back to it's original position on the rockface. What's going through your head at this moment?

Let's Move In!

Other details start to emerge as we close in. Just boulders huh? Remember a boulder called "Tracy"?

I Just Love Slotted Rocks!

This appears to be more structure in the side of the crater. Notice the unusual debris shapes and coloring, downhill from the heads. These are NASA photos, and there is a NASA anthropologist/geologist present in them..........what is your conclusion?

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