It is now time to introduce some of the family. This introduction by the way, now rules out any possibility that this is natural, random geology, or other wild assumptions by the reigning peanut gallery. I would like to introduce Tracy's little sister.

Meet Little Tracy!

One might notice the amazing similarities, not in size, but in feature. The head with the domed center, the squared off arm, the lower body mass abruptly cut off, and the same appearance of having fallen on it's face.

Still Just Rocks?

Remember my observations about Tracy and the unique shapes that are found on her? What are the chances that on a "geological" expedition of the Moon, on the very last mission, one would witness such repetition in boulder design at two different sites? Of course we will hear the same old's possible. To that end, all I have to say is .............bite my bar code!

Location of Little Tracy

Why it's the slab site, and there's Little Tracy! Sure enough we find Harrison H. (Jack) Schmitt who seems not to notice her in the least.

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