When looking at the incredible capabilities of the HST (Hubble Space Telescope), and the eye sees the jaw dropping photos, one can witness such intimate detail, as to put everything seen in a whole new perspective.

It's all based on gravitation, please try to forget this photo, as scientists assure us that electricity does not play a role in spacial relationships. Not bad for an Earth orbiting telescope!

Next up is the transit of Io across the face of Jupiter. Can words adequately describe this photo? The clarity is unbelievable. Look at the shadow of Io on Jupiter!

Notice the detail on Io itself.

So what could dear old Hubble do if it were to map the Moon in the same detail? Yes we could see all the landing sites, with all the equipment left behind. Oh, and don't forget we could map every rock and boulder down to the inch. So why haven't we done so?

Damning Evidence, A Lot Of It!

Well, we might see too much. Then people would have to start telling the truth. Yes, there existed civilizations even technically & spiritually greater than present society, and guess what? They perished despite all their advancements.

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