We are entering a new phase of viewing. Up until now there was much room for speculation. That room is now shrinking fast, very fast. In this phase you will see the true command of media our ancestors possesed. The images are breathtaking, haunting, even disturbing! Then comes the moment of realization about yourself, who you really are, and what you are part of.

Try backing away, and changing your viewing angle.

Consider this for those who will say, "Of course it's natural for one to see faces, as it is built into the human psyche." For the record, I do agree with this! Now, this recognition method was used on purpose by our ancestors. They counted on this triggering mechanism inside of each one of us. This time it's not clouds, or blobs of paint, it's a greeting from people who knew us better then we know ourselves, at present. If this is too confusing for you, try sticking your head in a bucket of sand.

I'm not seeing Hobbits, just a likness in features.

You will need to contemplate this image for a while. One again please notice the nose on our friend. Is this a male or female image? At first I thought female. I continue to get that impression, despite the comparison photo.

Remember this is a 180 degree image from Hubble!

If you think this an aberration, then just you wait. You're about to see aberrations galore! Oh, remember noses!

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