Remember those family images from GizaFaces, those images on Mars? "Just a little spooky, ahh Mulder?" You, with your head in the bucket, take a long, close look.

Do you understand the need to go back to the Moon & Mars now?

Yep, there's bound to be technology out there and records/knowledge. So if they told us that all this had failed, and we're starting pretty much from scratch as a race again, how would we handle it?

We don't spend that kind of money for rocks folks!

The male image has one predominate eye in both. The male head contains multiple heads/images, with one small one as a side profile of a lion in both. The female is to the left of the male image and she is smiling in both. She also has an ornament on her forehead in both. Yah, the dog moved, from her left on Mars to up front, on the Moon. They never sit still. You know how it is.

Note: About the dog, wolf, or jackal, he is Wepwawet/Wepawawet, he is depicted as a jackal or a wolf or with a jackal head, often dressed as a soldier and carrying his weapons. His name means "opener of the way".

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