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Edgar Cayce, (2397-1) partial; "There the entity was a priestess to the sun god, who attempted to bring into the experience of her peoples the closer relationships to those peoples through the abilities of the entity to depict in drawings, in the markings upon even the face of nature, as well as upon the walls, the buildings of the peoples, that as would bring awe--and yet an inspirational awe--to so pattern their lives, their activities, as to be acceptable unto higher influences that are ever creative in the experiences of individuals."

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Egyptologists, archeologists, anthropologists, and mankind take a fresh look at Giza. Embark on a new insight and obtain a crisp perspective of mankind's true history. All you need are your eyes and an open mind! This type of presentation needs few words. You decide! All people deserve a chance to see and understand. Have you always questioned the abrupt rise of the Egyptian empire seemingly out of nowhere? If you support the idea of a pre-existing culture, would you know it if you saw it? "What if this culture/technology was almost indistinguishable from nature in its capabilities?" Current aerial photos of the plain south of the pyramids show that much has changed in the past fifty years. Practically all the images you are about to see have been obliterated. Some by society's encroachment, some due to natural weathering, and most due to rather suspicious "re-arrangements" of the topography--but not all; Maybe someone wasn't or, maybe they were thinking. Again, you decide! This is your history. Prepare yourself for a view that is literally a much bigger picture. A view that finally starts to answer in a serious manner some long unanswered questions. Scroll down for additional pages. Please be patient as these are fairly high resolution images, and take a bit to load.

Seeing only 50% of the images your first time through these pages is normal. Remember time and adjustment, not only for your eyes but your basic perceptions of your world. Most views people see of terrain is while standing on it, while in this case your orientation is from overhead for the majority of these images. The Nasca lines are only visible from the air. Most of what you are about to see is also only visible from the air. Some images are only visible from orbit. Why would all this be? One has to ask what benefit this would have for a society that did not have the capabilities of flight? These images and lines are in both hemispheres and beyond. For the record the research first started in 1995 with the website constructed in 1999. The following images and comments represent a linear progression of discovery and presentation from 1995 to the present. The names and the dates are always subject to change and will be open to much discussion, but the images remain none the less. In this lies the heart of the matter and a doorway to greater understanding.

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["With new tools, comes new knowledge."]

P-2 Backyard Faces P-3 Harmony & Balance
P-4 A Pictorial History P-5 The Lady Comes To Call
P-6 New Light Shines P-7 Prove It
P-8 What's In A Face? P-9 The Big Picture
P-10 The Ram And The Lady P-11 The Lovers
P-12 Faces Within Faces P-13 A Lady, A Baby, And A Cross
P-14 Statement P-15 Sphinx Link
P-16 Unknown Image P-17 Another Face On Sphinx
P-18 Osiris P-19 Great Mother & Great Builder
P-20 Timeline Comparison P-21 The Eye Of Horus
P-22 Northside Faces
P-23 Microsoft Terraserver Censored
P-24 Skullduggery Or Proof? P-25 IKONOS Satellite, A New Ally
P-26 Mars, The Faces P-27 Mars, The Planet Of Osiris
P-28 "Lovers" On Giza & Mars P-29 Family Photo
P-30 Shroud Of Turin P-31 Ladies Of Zara
P-32 New Sister P-33 Inanna
P-34 !!Thoth!! P-35 Stars On Mars
P-36 Thoth The Ibis P-37 Let's Talk!
P-38 New Research Images P-39 The Lunar Connection
P-40 Mounting Evidence P-41 Holographic Terraforms
P-42 A Mayan Image At Giza? P-43 The Interesting Part
P-44 Working Pyramid Theory P-45 Did Tesla Rediscover The Technology Of The Ancients?
P-46 Another Mystery Face On Mars P-47 Machu Picchu Joins The Club
P-48 Machu Picchu Illusion or Reality?

BREAKTHROUGH RESEARCH......The story continues on the Moon with the Apollo 17 mission, the last NASA mission to the Lunar surface, in the second part of this web site! The only mission to include an anthropologist/geologist as part of the crew. Anthropology is, "the study of human origin".



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Note: Basic demonstrations of this energy (monographs AS2-13 to AS2-17)

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